When damage occurs, navigating insurance claims can be a complicated and stressful process. At Absolute Roofing Solutions we have experience dealing with insurance companies to help our clients get through the claims process and are proud to offer our clients free insurance claims assistance. You will the information and support you need to have your claim properly handled. Once the inspection is over, please contact your insurance agent to open a claim if damage has been verified. After your agent has opened a claim, the claims department should contact you by telephone and an adjuster will be assigned to come inspect and evaluate the loss. With our years of experience and working with multiple insurance companies, Absolute Roofing Solutions is highly capable and prepared to aid any home or business owner with insurance claims.

Insurance Claim Denied?

Roof damage denial is common but a roof damage denial does not have to be the end of the claims process. Understanding claim denials and how to dispute them is our specialty.

The amount of money that insurance companies collect in premiums amounts to billions every year. When you file a claim, they are legally required to process roofing claims, but many insurance companies delay and argue about claims, even denying claims.

For these reasons, hiring an experienced, reputable roofer who understands insurance games is crucial in this process. You need someone on your side who has your interests in mind. Most insurance policies cover damage from a variety of causes, but claims can get rejected for several reasons. We are ready and willing to assist in fighting your claim denial. Our team of experts will ask for the specifics on why the claim was denied to explore the possibilities for a legitimate appeal.