After a storm it is common to not be sure if your home or business has any damage. Sometimes roof damage is easy to spot, but in many cases, such as hail or wind damage it is common to not know it’s there. It usually takes an expert to identify hail or wind damage. A roof inspection should be conducted by a qualified and experienced roofing expert. A certified roofing expert can identify hailstone damage, wind damage to shingles, lifted by powerful winds, and other issues the insurance company will want to establish if it is to grant a claim for roof repair or replacement. A complete inspection includes checking the shingles across the entire roof structure. Both hailstorms and the wind can come from different angles. Therefore, a complete and thorough inspection is necessary.

Images of the damage are part of a normal roof inspection. These images will support your insurance claim if you choose to submit one to your provider. Your contractor should issue a post-storm inspection report including minor damage that was caused over a year before. This will indicate that there were damages to your roof, but you did not report them prior to the inspector visiting your property. In the event that damage is discovered on your roof, your contractor will detail its location, estimate the number of impacts, and the severity of the damage. If you think your roof may have sustained damage from the storm and you want to ensure its security, contact a qualified roofing expert. Absolute Roofing Solutions is a highly recommended local roofing provider that offers the inspection services and reports you need.

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