What To Do and How to Avoid Problems With a Commerial Roof Self Inspection

What To Do and How to Avoid Problems With a Commercial Roof Self Inspection

We know the importance of roof inspections, but we all like to save money whenever and wherever we can. Many owners and managers are versed in building exterior maintenance, so it may beg the question. “Can I do the roof inspections myself?” If you want to quickly look at the roof and remove any obvious debris, you may do so. When you do, there are essential things to keep in mind.


Introducing safety hazards.

There can be a variety of potential dangers that come along with in accessing the roof. Be careful of proximity to skylights, compromised decking, and getting too close to the edge. Always follow roof safety best practices.

Missing minor problems before they get bigger.

Remove debris, unclog drains and look for clear damage after a weather event. Rely on a trained professional to find smaller problem areas and discuss them before they cause significant issues.

Voiding warranties.

Performing a minor fixe on a roof yourself might void a warranty. The warranty may specify who may do repairs and what materials we can use.

Violating OSHA regulations.

Once you perform any work on the roof it will trigger OSHA safety rules and regulations to be followed. You not only need to be aware of these but also comply with them.

Maintenance may be called for but let you roofing professional discuss with you if it needs a minor repair or needs to be filed with insurance or warranty. This preventative maintenance will save you money in the long run by preventing minor issues from becoming enormous problems and by extending your roof’s useful life.


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